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Scruffcat's Christmas Cutoff Dates

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Scruffcat's Christmas Cutoff Dates

So here we are, already in the month of November, and with that comes the sudden realisation that Christmas is just around the corner. This happens every year of course, so you think I'd be used to it by now - but no. Still taken by surprise and saying things like: 'Gosh, hasn't the year gone fast!' along with many other people I know who are acting equally as surprised as myself. 

So on that merry note, it's time to announce the very important dates that will ensure you get your Scruffcat purchases delivered in time for Christmas Day. To allow time for your goodies to be custom printed and then shipped, you'll need to order by:

December 8:       USA
November 23:     Rest of the World 

These dates apply to all orders using our flat rate shipping offer. Expedited (i.e faster but more expensive) rates are available on request, but will only allow about an extra week's leeway - so do get in touch if you think you'd like to take up that option. 

PS: I'm not sure why this cat is sitting in the snow. There's no snow in New Zealand at Christmas (unless you're on a mountain, maybe) but it's so much more satisfying to draw, as are scarves, mittens and woolly hats...


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