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Carla Martell of Scruffcat

I'm Carla, head pencil pusher, tea drinker and cat wrangler. After many months of scribbling, sketching, enormous list-making and many other activities too numerous to mention, it's time to take a brave leap into the unknown, and open up shop! This time it's my very own corner of the world wide web and not under another company's umbrella - an exciting and slightly scary thing.

I've been creating art for products for nearly eight years, starting when my now-nearly-teenage son turned five. Children's illustration and design is what I do for a living, so to combine that with my love of art, pattern, textiles and clothing is the best thing in the world.

Over the next while I'll be introducing myself, the place we live in (clue: it's at the bottom of the planet) and a little look into how each Scruffcat design comes into existence. I'd love to hear from you, so feel free to contact me via email, Facebook or Instagram - always happy to answer any questions! And if you'd like to sign up for occasional and non-annoying news updates, you can do that here

Till next time...

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