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Summer Tees for Colourful Kids

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Three Cute Kids T Shirts by Scruffcat

Cute Kids T Shirts by Scruffcat

In the slightly silly lead-up to Christmas, I miraculously managed to nab three neighbourhood kids for an impromptu summer T shirt photoshoot. The offer of cupcakes, pizza and the promise of taking home a tee of their choice worked wonders, although they didn't really seem to need bribery at all and had a great time cavorting around pretending to be models (and sometimes cats or dogs).

Top photo, from left to right: La La Lovebirds big kid's tee in azalea, Water Buffalo Love kid's tee in navy and Mad Monster Friends big kid's tee 
Bottom photo: La La Lovebirds big kid's tee and Baby Cat big kid's tee in violet


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